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Build a Better Beta

Launch a course without building a single module. Minimal tech, minimal headache. Focus on teaching and student success and stop tripping yourself up!

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Office Hours

Can 75 minutes change your life? Spent with the right person, absolutely. Chat with Lindsay about anything course-related!

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Tune Up Your Course!

You have a course, but know it can be better! We'll organize all your content, include suggestions for improvements, AND find marketing gems from student feedback.

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FREE Masterclass "How to Launch a Profitable Course"

How to Launch a Course Without Creating any Content...
So you can spend MORE time teaching and less time stressing over tech.

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FREE The Profitable Course Formula

How to turn your expertise into a digital course that gets your students results and adds the best kind of zeros to your bank account!

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Podcast Your Course

Create a private podcast feed for your students to consume your course content in their podcast player of choice!

We host the audio,
create the feed,
and you send them the link!

It's as easy as uploading your mp3's to Drive. We'll handle the rest :)

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