Tune Up Your Course


You have a course, but just know it can be better. We'll organize all your content, include suggestions for improvements, AND find marketing gems from student feedback.

Often, our clients increase the price of their course (sometimes doubling!) after making the Tune-Up changes because they're THAT confident in the value.

At the end of this Tune-Up process, you'll receive a document that organizes all your material: modules, lessons, worksheets, videos, etc. with activities for what your students actually DO with all that great content.

We'll recommend organizational changes to make the content more consumable and actionable. We also sift through your student feedback in surveys and/or Facebook community to find success stories to be used in marketing. Don't have surveys yet? We give you those as well. All this gets incorporated into our Tune-Up with frequently asked questions beside the relevant content.

In the end, your course increases in value, more students get results, and your marketing becomes automated.

Here's what's involved:

  • Upon checkout, you'll provide access to all your learning materials (course site, videos, worksheets, etc).
  • Next, our team of online educators will review all the content.
  • Finally, a detailed outline of your course, including our amazing feedback, is delivered to you. This document will be in Google Drive.
  • You have access to our team for 30 days upon receiving our feedback. We'll use this time to refine and improve!
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